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Springfield, Virginia (webnewswire ) May 24, 2020 – Virginia wholesale lumber suppliers, Curtis Lumber & Plywood, has recently published a new educational resource answering “what is kiln dried wood?”. The article was made to help construction workers and DIY-ers alike better understand what kiln-dried wood is and the benefits of using it for your next construction project.

The lumber company breaks down the article into two main sections: how kiln-dried wood is made as well as the various benefits that come with using it. The blog highlights the unique strengths of kiln-dried wood and offers some important points that can help builders make a more informed decision when choosing the type of wood they will be using in their upcoming construction projects. The team at Curtis Lumber & Plywood has been providing the highest quality of products to the construction industry for over 50 years and specializes in treated lumber and plywood.

The company prides itself on offering industry-leading quality while also providing access to hard-to-find materials for customers with more unique project requirements. The team has a core group of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are second to none in customer response and technical knowledge in the industry.

Curtis Lumber & Plywood understands the hard work and dedication that goes into your construction business or DIY project deserves the highest quality lumber. According to the article, kiln-dried wood can help give you a uniform batch of more fortified, durable, and efficient wood that can be finished much more easily. Learning the basics of kiln-dried wood and understanding how it can benefit your next project can help any contractor or builder make the right decision when it comes time to order supplies.

Speak to the wholesale lumber suppliers at Curtis Lumber & Plywood for more information about pressure treated wood and its uses. The company’s expert staff can help you choose the right type and amount of wood for your project and have six decades of experience in providing contractors with high quality materials for their needs. Curtis Lumber & Plywood can be contacted at 703-972-1947 or online at The firm is located at 7351 Highland Street, Springfield, VA 22150.