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On 2nd July, a 2-day Live Masterclass will be conducted by China marketing expert, Ashley Galina Dudarenok, to help international businesses gain a deep understanding of the post covid-19 China market, its modern consumers and Chinese social media marketing and selling.

China’s consumer market has begun to revive gradually after the Covid-19 pandemic. Ministry of Commerce data shows that from mid-February to mid-March sales at key retailers rose 7% and that sales on some e-commerce platforms rose by more than 30%. For many international brands, China is still one of the key markets on their strategic roadmap. However, marketers are now struggling to revise their strategies for China, given the significant changes in attitudes and buying behaviors of Chinese consumers after the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to the post Covid-19 new normal in China, the Post Covid-19 China Masterclass will be organized in July to give global marketers a deep understanding of China’s current market and how to succeed there in 2020-2021. Designed and led by China marketing expert Ashley Galina Dudarenok, this masterclass is aimed at helping global businesses avoid losses, capture opportunities and start rebuilding momentum in their sectors.

Among the emerging post Covid-19 trends, the one international businesses must pay close attention to is the continuing rise of prominent digital channels in China. China has a highly active mobile internet with 855 million digital consumers. Chinese netizens are some of the most avid mobile phone and social media users in the world. As they were forced to stay at home during the pandemic, they have become even more digitally active. They’ve spent more time on social media and e-commerce sites buying, socializing, and looking for entertainment and new customer demands have been created.

In early April, a report by ChoZan showed that over 60% of Chinese consumers are expecting a quick recovery in the market (within 3 months) and 19% said they will spend more after the pandemic. Their preference for purchasing products on e-commerce platforms has increased 15 to 30% and the favourite purchases include electronic products, cosmetics, skincare products, sports equipment and household cleaning products.

When asked about app usage, more than 70% of the respondents said they have spent more time on apps and tried new apps during the pandemic period. Online education, entertainment and social media remain the top three app content categories.

Speaking in terms of online credibility, online reviews and key opinion leaders’ recommendations have become the most popular and trusted sources of information when deciding what to buy.

Many local Chinese brands have already reacted quickly to meet these new customer demands, showcasing sophisticated, creative management of their digital assets. For instance, the young Chinese makeup brand Perfect Diary migrated their beauty consultants and makeup artists from offline stores to more than 10,000 WeChat groups to engage with consumers and promote social e-commerce. Other local beauty brands, for example KANS and One leaf, also intensively leveraged WeChat Moments pages and WeChat groups to drive social e-commerce.

As consumers reawaken, the China market has ample opportunities for international businesses with the right strategy and tactics. “For international brands and businesses, it’s important for them to have a strategy for the post Covid-19 stage.” says Dudarenok. “They should swiftly capture the chance to take advantage of new priorities and new opportunities.”

The Post Covid-19 China Masterclass covers the latest trends for modern Chinese consumers in the post Covid-19 era that businesses need to know. The July 2nd and 3rd masterclass is divided into four modules: China’s Post Covid-19 New Normal, E-commerce in Post Covid-19 China, Marketing and Strategy in The Post Covid-19 Era, and Business Opportunities after the Outbreak. Each section is equipped with actionable insights and practical group activities that will be conducted online to help marketers formulate their China strategy in 2020 and beyond.

Registration for the Post Covid-19 China Masterclass is now open on the event’s official page at Early bird tickets are available for $588 until May 30th, 2020.

If you’re looking for more details about the masterclass or interview opportunities, please contact Natalia Drachuk at (+852) 37092259 or info ( @ ) chozan dot co dot