Each sermon that is delivered by an inspirational person can change the listener’s life. So, we interview Pastor Keion Henderson and his team members to know more about the sermon’s outlines, especially the lighthouse church baptism.

The sermons manager said, “Each week, The Lighthouse Church organizes typically three outstanding sermons hosted by our dear Pastor Keion Henderson. He takes good care of the quality to be delivered and the way to keep the audience engaged throughout his spiel on different topics about life and the thorough study of the Holy Bible.”

It has been regularly observed that these sermons are necessary for many people out there who have lost their soul or purpose to lead a healthy life. Pastor Keion Henderson himself spoke, “My main focus to deliver these sermons revolves around certain outlines. These are anticipation, atmosphere, acceptance, authenticity, and action. I believe in all these 5 pillars or rather outlines while delivering the sermons, and reaching out to masses with as much truth as possible from the years of experience and the utter devotion towards the Holy Bible.”

Apart from that, we also know that these sermons are heard and watched by millions of people across multiple nations. One of the Lighthouse church members said, “Yes, that’s true. We are rather proud and glad about the fact that we are able to help thousands of brothers and sisters out there, in different corners of the country, or even the world.”

The anticipation is high by the audiences, and so is the atmosphere. It is possible because of the authenticity of Pastor Keion’s name across the globe. Then he also takes actionable measures, continuing his sermons live on FB as well as YouTube for every generation out there.

“I feel the listeners accept my voice, presence, and the information I have gathered from the Holy Bible and the tours I have conducted for more than 20 years in this field. That is the only best outline about the sermons I deliver to the people who need a guiding source in their life,” Pastor Keion Henderson commented, proving that he is determined to deliver the sermons with passions and patience.


Through this press release, the focus is majorly on the sermons outlines that are provided by Pastor Keion Henderson, the famous being about the Lighthouse Church Baptism.

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