After more than three years of intensive development and testing, ORPALIS releases the commercial version of PassportPDF to the general public. Dozens of thousands of people are already using the freemium apps and APIs of the platform for their daily document processing tasks.

PassportPDF is our next generation online unified APIs & APPS resolving any document processing challenges. It offers tools and solutions for professionals and developers to simplify electronic document processing. The platform is modern, secured and super-fast, which makes it tailored for high-volume document processing for anyone.

This modern cloud infrastructure offers:

Freemium microservices – AvePDF
Productivity-oriented desktop solutions for compression and OCR
Unified REST APIs working on any platform, on any client, from any programming language

Free online PDF and documents tools
You’ve probably recognized the widgets from our AvePDF web app on many of our pages as they illustrate the GdPicture.NET various engines in live-action. You can share AvePDF with your friends, clients… it’s free! You can also embed each widget on your website to help your users compress a file before sending it, for instance. Visit to find more.

Desktop and online productivity apps
PassportPDF includes solutions for many fields such as hyper-compression and optimization, conversion, OCR, barcode recognition, content protection, digital signature, data compliance and more. The desktop apps for document management are open source and include the following:

PDF Reducer Cloud for Windows
MRC Compressor for Windows
PDF OCR Cloud for Windows

REST APIs for any development
PassportPDF API provides a variety of intuitive REST APIs that expose advanced imaging and recognition functionality to any network-enabled application. As it is cross-platform, you can use PassportPDF API to build Windows, macOS, Linux, but also web, Android and iOS applications. To simplify the communication with the PassportPDF servers, several open-source toolkits are available (.NET, PHP, Java, Go, Ruby and Python).

Different PassportPDF plans are available. The Free plan is accessible to anyone. Besides, there are monthly subscriptions for organizations of all sizes, from single-man companies to large corporations. Custom plans are available on-demand for companies needing a personalized offer to fit a specific usage, for a limited time or a more extended period.

PassportPDF is a cloud ecosystem offering microservices to simplify your digital transformation. Find more at