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Elia and Ponto helps where it count

Car accidents are unexpected and can result in severe injuries or death. Injury victims may be unable to return to normal life. The civil courts attempt to redress these losses by awarding financial compensation to prevailing claimants. Speaking Elia and Ponto can dramatically improve your situation. They have represented clients with serious injuries that include broken or fractured bones, traumatic brain injury, injuries to the back and neck, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, and laceration. If you or your family member sustained injuries or experiences loss of life in an accident, you could seek legal advice from a Lansing car accident lawyer.

Auto accidents sometimes become life changing-events. And obviously nothing can prepare you for having that one life-changing event. You also face hardship such as physical injuries, financial burdens, mounting medical bills, and loss of wages that occur in the wake of the crash. It can be a challenging and difficult situation and should not be complicated by the claims process. At Elia and Ponto law firm, they ensure that you receive the compensation not only needed to make a full recovery but receive what you deserve.

Car accidents can happen anywhere but Lansing has the most dangerous roads and intersections. The behavior of a driver also becomes a reason for an auto accident. To avoid these accidents, a driver should be aware of the state driving laws, dangerous roads, and consequences of risky driving behaviors. But sometimes the most cautious drivers can be involved in accidents. Different factors of the environment tend to increase the chance of an accident and may make a particular road or intersection more dangerous.

Types of a car accident they can deal with:-

Elia and Ponto work with injury victims who need to peruse compensation for their damages. They represent the matters in the following areas

  • General collisions with other drivers

  • Vehicle manufacturer defects

  • Accidents involving pedestrians

  • Crashes involving government vehicles

  • Hazardous road conditions

  • Drunk drivers

  • Wrongful death

The list above is not exhaustive, but they can deal with other common elements among the cases that involve the representation of an individual who was negligently injured by another driver and experienced financial or physical loss. They are always available to help you if you have an actionable claim.

Individuals or family members who got injured in a car accident often worried about how much they get amount after claiming. Simply put financial compensation for an illusion car accident is challenging to gauge since there are multiple elements that affect the amount. Discuss your case with the state’s best lawyer at Elia and Ponto law firm to get a closer and more accurate amount. They will help you to get the amount after the case evaluation.

Insurance companies are typically the payers of your car accident injury claim. The plaintiffs pursue claims against the insurer of the driver who injured them since that is where responsibility lies. But in a matter of uninsured drivers, you may have to file a claim with your provider.

At Elia and Ponto, the automobile accident attorney recognizes that each client’s claim is unique. That is why they start with an analysis of your situation and construct an effective action plan. You just need to discuss the situation with one of the best lawyers at their firm and let a car accident lawyer take care the whole situation.

Call a Lansing accident lawyer at Elia and Ponto law firm today to discuss if you are eligible for no-fault or pain and suffering benefits.

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