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So you’ve decided to put on a virtual event, but the question of how to produce a quality virtual event that will attract your target audience and decision makers is the big question.

Content is King But Engaging Speakers Are Key

Like traditional events, content is even more important in a virtual event because viewers are able to walk into your event as fast as they are able to head for the virtual doors.

Our team recently sat through 20 plus virtual events and we can tell you that successful events are always rich in quality and engaging content. However, the best events seem to have one thing in common: engaging speakers.

Hunting down a speaker who is truly an expert in their field is one thing, but finding a speaker who is also engaging is a key tactic that is often overlooked by producers of virtual events.

Invest in Paid Promotion

Look, you wouldn’t spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on a physical event without a promotion plan. Just like a traditional event, your virtual event should include a willingness to spend a few dollars on promotion.

Build a virtual event promotional communications plan that utilizes digital marketing, email marketing, and social media promotion. Don’t just post an event on your social media channels, sponsor the post to reach your target audience.

Choose a Platform with Innovative Interaction Capabilities

Deciding which platform to use for your virtual event is equally as important as the content you produce. Think about the times you’ve walked into a physical event and actually were wowed by the look and feel of the event. The same can be said for virtual events that deliver quality video, audio, and interactive experiences to viewers.

Delivering quality video, audio, and interactive experience really does matter!

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