Staying competitive

The Swiss manufacturer HTS Global AG works hard around the clock to offer its customers the highest quality at competitive prices and an excellent customer service.

Companies worldwide are currently facing major challenges. Fabian de Soet, CEO of HTS Global AG and his employees work at full speed to offer their customers the usual service even in times of Corona.

HTS Global AG was also open during the lockdown to support its customers. In addition, HTS Global AG has taken further measures to adapt to the constantly changing guidelines and requirements.

Little by little, more and more countries are easing the lockdown restrictions worldwide and therefore more people are returning to their workplaces. Anyone who has not yet controlled and stocked up their inventory should do so in time to be able to meet the slowly increasing demand from customers.

HTS Global AG has established itself over the years as a leading manufacturer of self-regulating heating tapes on the heating cable market. “Nevertheless, we strive to maintain our high quality standard and to expand the already well-developed product range even further,” says Fabian de Soet.

HTS Global AG is known for the excellent quality of its products, the very good service and the stable prices.

If you are interested, the HTS product catalog and the price list can be requested from HTS Global AG. It is also available to download on the homepage at