Las Vegas is one of the closest major cities to the Grand Canyon, so the question for Vegas visitors isn’t “should I visit the Grand Canyon?”, it’s “should I drive myself to the Canyon, or take a guided tour?”.

Regardless of whether you drive yourself to the Canyon or take a guided visit is up to you, your movement needs, and what sort of Grand Canyon experience you want to have. Driving yourself and taking a guided visit both offer various favorable circumstances and inconveniences.

Natural Features of the Ecosystem of the Grand Canyon:-

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the natural wonders of the world,mainly because of its natural features. The entire park area is considered to bea semi-arid desert, but distinct habitats are located at different elevations along the 8,000-foot elevation gradient. This geologic incline creates a diversity of biotic communities, and five of the seven life zones are present in the park.

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