The Newest Platform for the Rising Musician

Ariv Music is a new streaming platform for musicians and influencers all around the world to network and discover new talent. The company is seeking music professionals such as recording artists, DJ’s, producers, media and music influencers, record labels, and bloggers to join its organization to promote growth in the industry. Ariv Music will feature works from artists of all genres to satisfy the musical tastes of enthused listeners. Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul, Techno, and Reggae are among the categories of music that will be available for streaming. Listeners can also find cool sounds for EDM, Rock & Roll, Heavy Metal, Trap, and many others. The music community gives brands an opportunity to have their music featured on a growing platform, network with peer artists, and create impressive playlists to share on social media pages. Digital creators for the platform offer Ariv Music for Producers which grants producers an avenue to sell beats to independent artists and labels worldwide. The best part about this feature is that it is completely free to submit as many instrumentals as needed. To show appreciation, popular artists are highlighted on the front page of the website for maximum exposure. FGB Lomane, Lil’ Grinch, and Swauve are currently displayed as prominent artists on the website. Since early 2020, Ariv Music has been dedicated to breaking new musicians and building a thriving platform for the aspiring musician.

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