(May 19, 2020): Shivam Bhatia, the talented young star releases his New Single, ‘Be with You’. The pop musician is a young Indian talent who promises to bring acclaimed fame and accomplishments to the country with his unique musical talent. The 18 year old artist has already acquired a number of achievements under the belt and has been pursuing his passion since the age of 12. Being featured as the second position holder on the list of most promising musical artists in India under age 20, Shivam Bhatia has got his listeners hooked.


His previous tracks have been aired at Vh1 India, BBC Radio Station and Israel Central Radio along with Miami and other radio stations. Shivam intends to discover the world, beyond his comfort zone by taking a step further across new arenas of experiments. Some of his previous songs namely, “Without You”, “Salt”, “Touch Your Body” and many more had topped the dance charts with million plus hits on music that helped him grab the spotlight.

A believer in expressing through music, Shivam’s songs are available on platforms such as Apple Music, YouTube, Saavn, iTunes, SoundCloud and some of the other notable platforms for his fans to explore. With his music been shared by the stalwarts, ‘The Chainsmokers’, ‘DVLM’ and many more, the cute boy is also one of the youngest Asian artist to be verified on Spotify. With every song he is slowly making his way towards justifying himself as a talented EDM star.

About Shivam Bhatia:

Shivam Bhatia is a powerhouse of creativity, the young pop music not only composes his songs but also produces them which makes him better then the rest.

For more information, feel free to browse https://www.shivambhatia.com/

Media Contact

Instagram: @itsshivambhatia

Email: info.shivmusic@gmail.com


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