Guide to Perfect Watch Case Shapes and Designs

The case is an essential aspect of a watch because it helps to secure the movements. Apart from that, the case is also responsible for making the design shine out. The case is supposed to be durable, long-lasting, and effective. Well, it is necessary to know that the watch cases are available in different shapes and designs depending on the watch.

When you purchase a luxury Apple watch case, you need to ensure that it fits your device perfectly. Taking care of the small things will eventually prove to be helpful in the long run. Some of the prominent shapes and designs in which you may find a watch case available in the market include the following.


This is one of the most common yet popular watch case designs. Since most of the wristwatches are round, people usually prefer choosing the round case. It may not be like fancy cases, but then it is undoubtedly something that helps to make your device secure. The round cases make it easier for you to read the display since it offers a distinct feature. One of the most notable things about round cases is that it offers a minimalistic approach. Gray Inc. ensures to use no useless material for the preparation of watches.

Rectangular or Tank

With the coming in of rectangular or Tank watches, these rectangular cases became very popular. Since the Apple devices are rectangular, you may prefer getting a rectangular luxury Apple watch case. The rectangular watch case can fit your Apple device perfectly. Moreover, it will help the watch design to be outstanding from others. The rectangular watch cases have been popular for centuries. Although they became less popular a few years back, it surely regained its popularity with the coming in of rectangular Apple devices.


The square watches have become very less common, but it was one of the most preferred designs back in the 20th century. Well, even to this, the square watches are used but only for designing the sports watches. Sports watches are costly, so you need to get a proper square case to protect your watch. But the prevalence of square watches is very less because the watchmakers have given priority to round watches.


The asymmetrical watches may look like round watches, but they aren’t so. When you look closely at these watches, you will be able to find out the difference. It is a little tough to find out the asymmetrical watch cases, but this isn’t impossible. The extra shape helps to add extra storage. Omega is very popular among all for making asymmetrical watches.

You may as well prefer getting a metal card wallet to offer extra protection to your device.

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