We’re excited to announce that our major Android update is now available in Google Play! While the new app doesn’t show real-time stats due to limitations made by Google, it’s now super light and it should always count data perfectly! It also has an awesome new bubble effect that shows what apps are using your data. Plus, GlassWire 3.0 should never get killed, no matter how angry your phone is at it! This is due to how light the new GlassWire app now runs and how little resources it uses.

The firewall has changed where you can create firewall profiles. Create one profile for WiFi and another for Mobile. It’s super easy to use!

The updated firewall can also allow or deny connections from newly installed apps. Ever have an app use up your data immediately on install? This should never happen again if the “allow or deny” mode is switched to “on” with GlassWire’s updated firewall.

Like dark themes? We know how important it is to have a dark theme these days, so we have included one dark theme for free for all our users. And of course, paid users get access to a bunch of different dark and light themes!

We have also rewritten our “speed meter” feature to make it work for the latest Android OS versions. Rewriting the speed meter was major work for us, so we have made this one of our paid features going forward.

GlassWire for Android is an ad-free tracking-free app. In fact, our app can’t access the network at all! Check our privacy policy for details on how we can’t access your stats at all because they never leave your phone.

We feel it’s important to be one of the few data management apps on Android that doesn’t track users or fill up their phones with ads. Our app is extremely powerful even with its free functionality and it will never expire or stop working. Free or paid, GlassWire will always reveal data wasting apps or suspicious app behavior. It will alert you any time a newly installed app starts using data. Plus, we now have more accurate data plans that track roaming, have zero rated app options and can keep track of roll-over minutes. Monitoring data usage is especially important with new 5G phones that are using data faster than ever! If you don’t like apps tracking you or wasting your precious data without your permission use our paid firewall to instantly block them.

GlassWire is a data usage app that helps protect your privacy. Your GlassWire data usage and app usage information never leaves your phone. We could not see or access your app usage even if we wanted to.

Almost a million people have used our Android app to stay under data limits, reveal data wasters and save money on their data plans! Give GlassWire 3.0 for Android a try, and if you enjoy the update, please consider leaving a review on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glasswire.android If you find any issues, please tap the bottom right menu inside the app itself and choose “send feedback'”.