Pittsburg, PA, May 19, 2020 – Are you a factory with large number of employees and operating in multiple shifts? Do you need buzzer systems to announce lunch or coffee breaks for your warehouse? The Chomko LA manufactured factory lunch buzzer system will be the most appropriate for announcing your various breaks and maintain proper time and discipline among workforce. If you are running multiple shifts it is obvious that you may have to announce breaks several times in a day or night and that could be a taxing responsibility highly difficult to sustain day after day with manual break announcement system. But with Chomko manufactured lunch break announcement system for factories you will have no such problems because it is entirely automated by computer software integrated into a master bell system or in your computer network.
Ability to store future bell schedules
This is versatile utility because you can store bell schedules well ahead and even for months together and let the factory break buzzer system to do the job. Since the system derived its time from GPS satellite or computer networks you can expect timings to be accurate and will be never few seconds late or earlier. By installing the break buzzer system in your manufacturing unit you can rest easy and concentrate on other tasks while it takes care of announcing breaks. The system can play music, tone or chime for the breaks and provide you with several facilities like alerting workforce of emergency situations.
Big tower Clock that will enhance your reputation
If you a have a corporate building which needs a significant addition in the structure which will announce your brand to the world you can install a clock tower in the premises as a lone standing structure or part of your existing office building. If you are a school or university you can install similar clock to enhance the reputation of your institution. These are huge clocks measuring at 5-meter and above and automated of time using GPS satellite timings. Visit the company website http://www.chomkola.com/ to know more about the time management gadgets that Chomko makes for its customers. Dial numbers (800) 964-5749 toll-free or 412-482-3822 (Pittsburgh) and 404-334-0202 (Atlanta) to talk to a representative and have a detailed discussion on your establishments needs.
Chomko LA, based in Pittsburgh & Atlanta is a time management company that offers a huge range of break alert systems and clock towers that are automated for functions.
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