You will find various Tax consultants in Delhi in the top firms, which provide multiple services like NRI Return filing in India, costing &Accounting services etc. But, if you really want to ensure that all your purposes regarding the financial transactions are appropriately maintained, then you should definitely consult a reputed Chartered Accountant firm.
It’s because these firms have access to experts who have extensive knowledge regarding various fields like Taxation, Corporate Laws, Accounting, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, etc. Further, a CA firm provides an enormous number of other relevant services to make sure that their clients don’t have any hassle while paying their taxes or handling their returns or maintaining their financial statements for a given period.
In the year 2018-2019 there were almost 6.33 crore taxpayers in India. So you see why professional auditing and taxation services are important here? Well, here are a few other prominent services that a Chartered Accountant firm provides:


It won’t be wrong to say that the term Auditing is synonymous with the profession of a Chartered Accountant. It’s the most critical and prominent service rendered by a Chartered Accountantfirm. Almost all the theoretical knowledge of a Chartered Accountant comes into play while auditing the financial statements of a firm, which is why only experts are allotted such crucial tasks in any reputed firm.

The main goal of a Chartered Accountant firm is to make sure that the financial statements of a specific firm abide by three procedures. They are the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Accounting Standards (AS) and Standards on Auditing (SA). Eventually, after following these procedures, one can ensure that the Chartered Accountant firm provides an accurate and fair view of all the transactions in the financial statements of a business firm.


For the purpose of understanding the ever-changing business economic policies in India, it becomes vital for any organization to hire a Chartered Accountant firm which has all the knowledge about the number of taxation policies, along with their amendments. Subsequently, there happens to be a close link between the assessment of taxes and the maintenance of financial accounts.

Therefore, it provides a beneficial edge for a Chartered Accountant firm to prepare taxation returns for a specific firm along with the other costing services.This way you won’t have to explain your crucial business transactions and reveal your financial details to multiple companies. With the right firm, you can get it all under one roof!

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