Hamilton-rand.co.uk, is a company dedicated to laser marking, engraving and cutting on any type of material, laser marking, engraving and cutting on plastics, wood, methacrylate, paper, cardboard, marking, engraving and laser cutting of leather, fabric, rubber. We also deal with reusable mylar stencils.

We also make marking and engraving materials such as metal, glass, marble, stone and ceramic pieces.

This type of laser marking, engraving, or branding irons for wood crafts is indelible over time as it creates an alteration of the color on the surface of the object by reacting to the high temperatures produced by the laser beam but without altering its structural properties, offering a high quality and engraving precision.

We carry out laser marking on industrial technical parts, type plates for machinery, we also personalize any type of item such as climbing objects, knives, cutlery, rings and jewelry, surgical instruments, watches, mobile phones, tablets and iPads, pens, key chains, pendants for people and pets, glasses, flashlights, USB sticks, technical pieces of different kinds for factories.

We are also master in tooling and bar turning, precision parts, electronics, automotive and aeronautical articles, porcelain pieces, whether they are texts, logos or images on pieces of any kind.

Using branding iron, we can also make laser engraving on cylindrical elements, creating a laser impression along a circumference such as engraving of glasses, cups, bottles. We offer marking, engraving and laser cutting to all our clients as a tool or help to introduce their objects to the market.

We believe that the personalization of an item brings added value to every element, offering distinction at a low cost, without regard to quantity, since we can carry out from a single piece to large production series.

We also have an industrial and graphic design studio, we also offer 3D virtual reality projects, graphic identity projects, catalogs, displays so with laser marking, engraving, and cutting we can help you with a wide range of solutions for your company helping to improve and position its image in an increasingly demanding market.

Services we offer:

At Hamilton-rand.co.uk, our multidisciplinary capacity can help you improve the image of your company, promote your product in the market, differentiating yourself from the competition and be better positioned in the online environment.

We also havea die sinking machine which is also referred to as an electric discharge machine. It is a method in manufacturing whereby a shape is formed with sparks aid or electrical discharges. If you want to know more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us through Hamilton-rand.co.uk.