Athens and Cape Sounion will also be the gate way to the initial Cyclades: Kea, Kythnos, Serifos, small forgotten islands where in fact the simplicity, the sweetness of its arid areas and these wild beaches can only just enchant you. You have some sailing information and desire of living the ability of sailing Greek islands in Greece but you don’t yet feel ready to attempt the big blue alone.

So, attempt a flotilla vacation from Lefkada and you will corner this course safely. And in the event that you keep your freedom onboard your sailboat, you are able to always count on the encouraging existence of the flagship or the guidance of the other crews participating in the flotilla. Throughout your time, you explore the hawaiian islands at discretion, before joining the flagship and the mooring planned for the evening.

It is an experience, that of sailing aboard the mega yacht charter of which you will be the skipper. It is the delight of charting your course, of navigating at your personal pace of choosing your stopovers, of earning extended stages. Or on the opposite, of multiplying stopovers and experiencing small slots or isolated moorings in accordance with your desires. A sailing sail in Greece will remain one of your fondest vacation memories.

Over 8,000 miles of coastline shared between the Aegean and the Ionian Ocean, over 2,000 islands or islets and countless selection of areas, all available by yacht charter. A motor yacht charter in Greece allows you to find some previous sites away from standard channels, to style tasty mezze in a pleasing tavern by the water to often sail and produce stops infamous and energetic islands.

The sailing conditions for a luxury motor yacht charter Greece between the Cyclades, the Ionian Islands, the Peloponnese, or in the Sporades and the Dodecanese are really varied. In the Ionian Islands, a big natural archipelago, it is easy, rich navigation, with a multitude of moorings often at the legs of the hills and small fishing slots, rapidly available from our bases in Corfu and Lefkada.

If you wish to spend weekly on crewed yacht charters from Athens, you are able to sail and stop at Aegina, Epidaurus, Poros, Hydra and Spetses, a vast program and a well-sheltered region from the winds that corner the Aegean Ocean in summer.