(May 17, 2020): Paulina Zelman, a popular young city girl is also an ardent song writer and singer who love to weave magic with her lyrics and voice. The singer is a strong believer of expressing her earnest desires and thoughts through the verses. This has motivated her to move a step ahead and release songs while expressing her thoughts and desires. Releasing three outstanding songs, the singer has managed to win the hearts of one and all.

The songs named are, Prisoner, Never Gone and One & Only. The Prisoner is her latest released song which reflects her feelings about the current scenario. The original songs of Paulina Zelman have been uploaded amidst the pandemic talks about the unrest and uncertainty on the exterior world, while posing positivity amongst people. Through her lyrics, she intends to bring in positivity and lighten the minds and hearts of one and all.

Each of her songs is uploaded on YouTube, on her personal channel where she shares the songs with the world. Furthermore, the songs are also available on Spotify and SoundCloud for listeners to lend an ear to. The USA songwriter Paulina Zelman intends to bring in originality and make individuals sway with her originality. The authenticity she offers has made her stand out from the rest and deliver a unique self story.

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About Paulina Zelman

Paulina Zelman is an USA songwriter and musician who love to create original and wonderful music for the world while carrying meaningful significance with them.

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