(May 16, 2020): Daniel Victor Molena and David Xavier Sanchez, is altering the concept of marketing across their respective niche. The last few years have witnessed Latin America to experience a justifiable achievement in the field with the two eminent stalwarts being the primary force. Garnering a quantifiable recognition in the field, the marketing experts have decided to take their experience forward across their own domains.

With specialization in guerrilla control and crisis management, Molina is here to offer digital marketing consultation for organization and public individuals through his venture, The Molina Corporation. Garnering friends and mentors such as Ismael Cala, Juan P. Escobar, Mauricio Hoyos, Allan Acosta, Euclides Marmolejos among others, Moelan is here to take the world by storm. Emancipating an undeniable success, both of them have been recognized for their strategically thinking and immense creativity in their respective domains. Xavier Sanchez has been utilizing the digital marketing boom to the utmost, and formed Daxsen Media International while forming a primary digital entertainment marketing company that managed to have a remarkable success across Spotify and Youtube platforms.

An efficient planner of marketing strategies for a number of creative, such as celebrities, artists and influencers, David Xavier Sanchez forms collaboration with the greatest icons of the present times including Juanpa Zurita, Alexis Ren, Hanna Hiraldo Benatar, Jack Swagger (WWE), Chavo Guerrero Jr (WWE), Chris Massey and so on. Not only have they worked but also received immense support from the top influencers of the Latin American country.

About Daniel Victor Molena and David Xavier Sanchez:

Daniel Victor Molena and David Xavier Sanchez ranks as the top and successful marketing consultants in the field of politics and entertainment respectively.

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