Have you ever thought what may happen to you or your family if any of you are affected by a chronic disease that requires long-term treatment?

Healthcare system and medicines have advanced a lot, but treatment has become very expensive, not to mention, more money is spent on medication and hospital bills. If you value your loved ones, then you must get their medical insurance done. GetSavvi Health a reliable health insurance provider in South Africa that offers affordable medical cover plans.

Medical Cover Plans Offered by GetSavvi Health

  • Get Care Plan: Emergency hospital cover
  • Primary Care Plan: Day-to-day cover
  • Primary Care Plan+: Day-to-day and emergency hospital cover
  • Primary Care Plan 61+: Day-to-day and emergency hospital cover

Benefits of Medical Cover Plans

Day-to-day benefits: The members are provided with the benefits of consulting the GP as many times they need. Apart from this, they are given access to acute medication and chronic medication. If a medical situation rises where tests are required, then pathology tests are also provided. Lastly, there is the benefit of radiology for the GetSavvi Health members.

Emergency hospital cover benefits: High hospital costs are a big burden for most people and GetSavvi Health aims to ease this burden by providing hospital cover that offers emergency casualty benefit, emergency stabilisation benefit, and personal accident benefit.

Netcare 911 emergency services benefits: Nothing can be scarier than having an accident and not being able to be transferred to the hospital immediately. To protect the members from this, GetSavvi Health has partnered up with Netcare 911, the leading emergency services provider in South Africa. With a medical cover plan, you can have the emergency services 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Dentistry benefits: You cannot ignore your oral health because once teeth are damaged, they are gone for good. However, going to dentists can be very expensive that most people cannot afford it. With this in mind, GetSavvi Health offers several dentistry benefits with their plans, including basic and emergency dentistry, consultations, fillings, extractions, local anaesthetic, and accidental emergency treatment.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits with the medical cover plans of GetSavvi Health, such as maternity benefits, family funeral plan, optometry top-up, HIV, trauma and assault counselling, and 24-hour health advisor. To know more about the medical cover plans and their benefits and services offered by GetSavvi Health, visit their official website: https://getsavvi.co.za/.

About GetSavvi Health

GetSavvi Health a leading medical cover provider in South Africa. They charge no joining fees. With a plan, one cost covers you, your spouse, and your children. Medical cover plans offered by GetSavvi Health include Get Care Plan, Primary Care Plan, Primary Care Plan+, and Primary Care Plan 61+.

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