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London, UK: Today, Something Cheeky, a bamboo toilet roll maker announced they have received favourable feedback from potential backers ahead of their crowdfunding campaign launch. Social media followers have been saying how much they love Something Cheeky’s new crowdfunding video after seeing a sneak preview of the video online over the past few days. Creating much buzz and excitement about the soon to launch Kickstarter campaign.

Due to the nature of their product Something Cheeky knew a stand out video was really important to help convey their message and compel backers to support their crowdfunding campaign. Shamanth Pereira, Founder of Something Cheeky hired kickstarter video production specialists Wow Your Crowd to create Something Cheeky’s campaign video and said: “Wow Your Crowd was recommended and they have certainly delivered. From the outset Wow your Crowd’s Director, Adam was professional and he helped me craft a compelling brief and pitch video. I had an idea but wasn’t sure what’s the best way to approach the video and in this instance Adam’s experience was certainly helpful. He worked with me to craft a compelling video script making sure that all the points I wanted covered were included in the script. The day of the shoot was seamless, super organised and broken down into phases. I really enjoyed how easy the process was. During the post production process he worked hard to get the best possible video for me and I have to say it was a really great video and the feedback on the video has been excellent! All in all well worth the investment and I would definitely recommend Adam and Wow Your Crowd in a heartbeat.”

To create a compelling crowdfunding video that entertains audiencies Wow Your Crowd executed their P5 pitch video formula, which includes:

• Highlighting the problem of the target audience
• Showcasing the solution they desire
• Highlighting the features and benefits of the product
• Implementing a compelling call to action