When we think of watching all new movies, serials, and dramas online, Netflix is the first thing that hits our mind. However, everything flips when we think about watching movies together with friends that are not physically present with us at the same palace. In this scenario, our mind gets hit by three popular names that are Skype, Rabbit, and FaceTime. All these three popular names are used by many people but maybe not for the same purpose. But what if you need to choose one from the list? Then before deciding, you should know the benefits as well as drawbacks of all the three methods. In order to help you out with this, this blog covers everything related to these three ways.

Face time has so many things to talk about when it is considered as a screen share. This platform has both advantages as well as flaws. If you are planning to stream online with your friend using a phone or mac, then it is a good option to go with as

• Chat facility provided by FaceTime is of high quality.
• It is good to go co-streaming platform.
• The audio quality of FaceTime is perfect to use.
• You can easily do video calls with FaceTime with its high-quality video results.

These are some plus points, that will make your watch time with your friends memorable.
However, there are some points that may disappoint you when it comes to online streaming. Let us have a look at them as well:

• Both you and your friend have to start the movie, serial, or drama at the same time as one of you may get some seconds ahead of the other. This feature may irritate alot of people.
• FaceTime is a platform accessible only from the IOS operating system, so both the users should have Apple laptops or iPhones and know their apple id and password.

If you don’t have an issue with the above negative points, then you are good to go with this platform.

Like FaceTime, Skype is another popular platform when we talk about chatting.No doubt among all chatting options, Skype offers the most reliable, free, and good quality services. But when it comes to online streaming it has some positive and negative points. These points can help you decide that choosing this platform is worth your choice or not. First, have an insight into its positive aspects

• The most attractive part about Skype is that it’s totally free.
• The platform is easily accessible by all users without following a lengthy procedure.
• The video quality of Skype is the best among all other platforms.
• It also provides you with the message facility.

Although there are not so many drawbacks of using Skype as an online streaming platform. However, knowing everything is significant to make the right decision. So its time to see the black side of using Skype as an online streaming platform:

• The only drawback of Skype is that both the users have to start the streaming at the same time.

Keeping the concept of watching movies together while being far away, the company took the initiative of creating a platform solely for this purpose named Rabbit. It is a free site that can be accessed for free by everyone. It can be a suitable choice even in this quarantine situation. Let us have a look at some positive aspects of Rabbit sharing screen platform that will surely convince you to use it

• The Rabbit sharing screen site is available for everyone for free.
• You can chat with other users using the chat room.
• You can watch movies from Hulu and Netflix with your friends anytime anywhere.
• The best feature is that you can invite up to 25 friends at a time.

No site in the world is perfect. Similarly, the rabbit has some flaws that can lead you to disappointment. Let us have a deep insight into it:

• The quality of the video of Rabbit is not as good as expected.
• Rabbit asks for personal information that can not be a secure option.
• The quality of the content is only good if all the videos are short and accessible by everyone.

Final words:
Co watching is a trending concept nowadays. Many people love watching videos, movies, and, drams with friends instead of watching it alone. Among FaceTime, rabbit sharing screen, and Skype, the rabbit is recommended more as it is solely designed for online streaming purposes. It is also better than the other two as the rabbit lets you connect with more friends at a time. So choose wisely between these three to enjoy your favorite movies, videos, and dramas with your friends and have the best co watch experience while sitting at home.