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Getting hitched in a city graced with the rich cultural heritage and pleasing vistas sounds like a dream. The Detroit of South India, Chennai offers to soon-to-be-wedded couples splendid options of wedding venues ranging from pristine banquet halls brimming with luxury to the serenity of uninhibited, flowing flora. With the best wedding decorators in Chennai at your disposal, you can make magic of your open venue by adding to it a host of colour. The ebullience of a fiery and festive colour palette not only resonates with the desi wedding spirit but also lifts up the ambiance that speaks of fun and relaxation.

Teaming With Tassels
Of late, tassels and dream catchers have become a go-to option for dangling accessories that can decidedly aid to the makeover of a place. Be it for an intimate gathering or a larger function, these adornments can be hung up on the sides of pathways or from the trees and shrubbery to instantly brighten up your Chennai wedding decoration. The best thing about tassels is probably how they are unassuming but simultaneously embodies zest which allows for them to seamlessly be incorporated into seating arrangements, mandaps, etc. without disturbing the balance of the décor.

Buoyant Fabrics
With the heavy amount of drapery and linens that are customary to every wedding celebration, this one’s quite a no-brainer. From conventionally regal combinations like red and gold to gauzy or printed drapes, the adept use of these facilitates transforming the venue exactly how you want it. In addition, you can always go for patterned and richer fabrics for wall panelling, poles and even opt for lace, crochet and a cluster of vibrant dupattas to jazz up backgrounds, pathways, mandaps and seating areas with artsy canopies.

An Ethnic Embrace
Add little bejewelled and embroidered trinkets for a delightful sangam of traditional and peppy. Katputli dolls, cushions with mirror work, dangling bangles, decorative tokris, painted matkas are just some of the myriad options you have when it comes to a creative display of culture that not only allows you to incorporate a quirky element into the occasion but also enables you to pick and handcraft the desired wedding aesthetic with a harmonious blend of ethnic adornments. From pre-wedding events to the main celebration, these desi embellishments will never fail to build up the festive-fair mood to commemorate a new chapter in your life.

Floral Flourish
Some seasonal wedding blooms are an effortless way to liven up any area of décor in an alluring yet not overbearing fashion. Keeping with the light South Indian aesthetic, you can simply mix up the usual strings of jasmine with springy carnations or add pomanders for a fancier look. For a stellar color contrast that shines out against the lush green surroundings and stays refreshingly light, mandap decoration in a Chennai wedding can be an infusion of flowers on crisp white drapes. Add variety to the scenery by switching up with floral rangoli and floating flower petals.

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