Pets are part of many families. The love and affection towards the pets keep on increasing; when anything happens to them it cannot be easily tolerated. Pets need to take care of with more responsibility; it needs routine checks ups and injects the required vaccines to keep them away from infective diseases. The pet clinic should be licensed and treat your pets like their pets. Advanced Veterinary is a well-known pet clinic in Florida, offering the best services for your pets with more love and care. Dr. Thomas Jackson is an experienced veterinarian, and the founder of this clinic has more passion for rescuing abounded dogs and cats. They are well-experienced to provide quality services to the pets with the use of the latest medicines in veterinary care. Their veterinarians are well-trained to handle any kind of hard situations.

Services offered

Preventive Care: They are offering a variety of preventive care treatments to make the pets stay away from infective diseases. When the pets are prevented before infection, it lives a healthy life. They provide preventive care services like parasite control, dental care, and vaccinations with including other things.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations help to protect pets from different types of communicable diseases. For example, diseases like rabies, parvovirus, distemper, chlamydia, and other diseases that affect pets. They provide the right vaccinations to prevent the pet’s life from danger.

Dental Care: It is important to take care of a pet’s oral health because it plays a vital role in the pet’s health. Because where the mouth is part of the food is taken into the body. In advance veterinary, they make use of the latest equipment in veterinary dental care to ensure to offer quality service. Their dental services include cleaning and full dental checkups, among others.

Lab Testing & X-Ray: In the developing world, there is a lot of modern equipment invented to make human life easier to live as well as for pets. Modern veterinary diagnostics help to look inside the pet body to offer the right treatment for the pet. They offer a wide variety of lab testing and X-rays to diagnose the pet’s health problem.

About Advanced Veterinary:
Advanced Veterinary is a prominent pet clinic with experienced veterinarians in Florida offering the best veterinary care for the pets. Their Veterinary team is committed to providing quality service to help the pets to live a happy and healthy life. Their staffs and veterinarians are very friendly in treating the pets to make them feel comfortable like home. The clinic has all advanced equipment and tools required to treat the pets, and the services are provided at an affordable price. For more details, visit
28380 Old 41 Rd, Suite #8
Bonita Springs, FL. 34135
Phone no: 941-999-1006