Know the language and uses of social networks by minors, only then are you able to detect if a drag is happening .Activate parental control tools.Be interested in social media activity and your child’s contacts on the web . Avoid accepting profiles without identification.Set strict schedules for both the utilization of social networks and mobile devices.In case your child tells you that he’s affected by cyberbullying follow these tips:

Listen to him: If your child tells you that he’s affected by cyber bullying, he has taken a really important step and, first of all, you ought to listen calmly and without making value judgments or trying to find causes and consequences. don’t judge him.Take quick measures and always from the calm: If he has resorted to you it’s because he needs help and, therefore, you want to act and appearance for the ways and solutions as an adult.

From the parents’ side, we must bear in mind that prevention and knowledge are two key elements to avoid cyberbullying which for this:Bet on safe browsers and search engines on the devices your child uses.

Talk to your child about the risks of the network and convince him that, whether it happens to him or a lover , cyberbullying may be a crime.Install the pc or Internet access always in common areas of the house (dining room, front room , and et.) prevent, especially within the early years, your child access only the web .

Contrast the knowledge provided by your child with both other parents and therefore the school: it’s not because your child goes to mislead you, but because during a cyberbullying situation you’ve got to gather as many tests as possible which these are true.Do not act against cyberbullying by responding with an equivalent currency through fake profiles or direct attacks on social networks or messaging services. the instance you give your child marks his way of handling the matter .

How to report cyberbullying in Social Networks

Apart from prevention and knowledge tools, you ought to know that the majority social networks have enabled mechanisms to prevent cyberbullying and denounce cyberbullers who, in most cases, use anonymous profiles to intimidate or disseminate false information about his victims.

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