TRIFED under Ministry of Tribal Affairs and Art Of Living Foundation (AOL) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate in respective programmes of each organisation for promoting Tribal Enterprises. The Art of Living Foundation has agreed to provide Free Ration Kits to Needy Tribes India Artisans.

TRIFED Regional Offices have compiled the list of needy tribal artisans and have identified 9,409 needy tribal artisans located across the country for distribution of ration kits under #iStandWithHumanity campaign of Art Of Living. This is being coordinated with the AOL offices in all States.

SI No.                       Regional Office                                     Ration Kits Required

1                                 Ahmedabad                                                      756

2                                 Chandigarh                                                       191

3                                 Bhopal                                                               954

4                                 Jaipur                                                                 2707

5                                 Kolkata                                                              1576

6                                 Mumbai                                                             817

7                                 Ranchi                                                               2017

8                                 Dehradun                                                          391

                                                                                                    Total 9409