Bamboo is really not a tree, however a kind of grass. Bamboo has a place with the sweet grass family and develops everywhere throughout the world – aside from in Europe and Antarctica. In any case, its compound arrangement plainly orders it as wood: the fundamental parts are around 70 percent cellulose and around 25 percent lignin.

So as to create a story covering from bamboo, the completely developed bamboo tubes are part into pieces. These lamellas are stripped, bubbled, dried and afterward stuck together into a solitary piece under high tension.

The bamboo supports can be stuck together into parquet in two different ways: Horizontal: In landhausdielen, the braces are stuck to one another lying level. The run of the mill bamboo design with its trunk thickening, the sodium is especially obvious. The bamboo flooring is then organized and rather lopsided. It makes it exuberant and intriguing.

Vertical: Small vertical bits of bamboo are utilized for vertical sticking. You can see an almost negligible difference structure with an increasingly nonpartisan look. This kind of fertigparkett is appropriate for everybody who inclines toward a calmer and all the more even look. When the supports are stuck together, they are sliced to the ideal sizes. The precisely sanded surface stays untreated or it is fixed with oil, varnish or wax.

Contingent upon the treatment, a bamboo parquet is accessible in its regular, light shading or in a caramel-hued tone. The darker shading is made when the material is thermally treated. Accordingly, the sugar contained in the bamboo caramelizes. Various shades can be made through various sorts of surface treatment, for instance with hard wax oil.

Parquet from a bamboo tube divider: Another approach to make a story covering from bamboo is to thermoplastic the bamboo tube divider. With bamboo, this kind of handling opens up the chance of making the normally developed, intensely silicified and rock-hard bamboo tube divider accessible as an outsole or surface material. The surface is firmly suggestive of bamboo stick.

Fiber bamboo likewise called Strand Woven: These are exceptionally packed, compacted bamboo filaments. This makes a story covering that is very hard and flexible. It works not exactly stuck bamboo parquet. Furthermore, various optical variations are conceivable by treating the surface. In the event that you are searching for the high caliber of bambus arbeitsplatte, don’t stop for a second to visit our site to look at our whole range at the best costs!