Reston, Virginia (webnewswire) May 9, 2020 – OFP Law, a Virginia family law firm, recently released a blog answering the question, “What Is Family Law?” Family law deals with cases within marriage and even distant relatives.

Family law is a practice area that deals with domestic relations and family-related issues within your marriage or blood, and sometimes issues between you and your distant relatives. This means you can consult a family law legal practice when facing cases under divorce and guardianship of minors. Majority of these cases involves a lot of emotional distress, therefore, it is important to seek proper legal guidance in navigating anything under the umbrella of family law.

Family law, more specifically, deals with cases such as divorce, child custody/visitation, child support, adoptions, paternity, guardianship, separations, alimony, and spousal support. Money is a huge factor that plays into these cases, meaning higher chances of disputes. Alimony deals with spousal financial allocation while spousal support cases handle assurance that each spouse maintains their standard of living they had during the marriage. Marital property is also a common case dealing with the allocation of all the property rights and who in the marriage gets which piece of property. Annulment cases are also difficult to navigate and hiring a family law attorney will help you understand the contract at hand.

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