Gladbeck, May 10th 2020. One of the world”s leading manufacturer of freefall simulators, the Indoor Skydiving Germany Group (ISG), announced the re-opening of its first freefall simulator in Bottrop after the Corona lockdown in Germany based on its patented Air-Exchange Louver system.

Indoor Skydiving Bottrop, the first recirculating vertical wind tunnel equipped with the patented ISG Louver System, opened its doors eleven years ago as the first of a new generation of freefall simulators which have changed the Indoor Skydiving industry and flying since.

“I am happy to announce that Indoor Skydiving Bottrop, Germany, once again, is the first to lead the industry into a new era. It is officially certified by one of Germanies most recognized hygienic institutes that freefall simulators equipped with the patented ISG Louver System, by design, exchange and mix sufficient volumes of air during operation, so that there is no risk of transmission of COVID-19 while inside the flight chamber” said Boris Nebe, Managing Director of Indoor Skydiving Germany. “Flying with us always fulfilled the highest safety standards but now it is officially certified that also from a hygienic point of view there are no reservations or concerns regarding safety.”

In addition to this safety certificate Indoor Skydiving Bottrop developed new operational standards and procedures for all customer groups including military forces, skydivers, sport flyers and first-time entertainment customers. Those procedures were officially certified to fulfill all safety requirements under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic and Indoor Skydiving Bottrop was granted by the German authorities to reopen its business for all customers groups, starting Monday , 11th of May.

About Indoor Skydiving Bottrop:
In March 2009 the first of a new generation of ISG Freefall Simulators was opened in Bottrop, Germany. Within its first years of operation this wind tunnel, known in the International Skydiving Community as The Mothership, was recognized worldwide for its efficiency, quality and engineering. It was the birth place for the development of Dynamic Flying, nowadays the most popular Indoor Skydiving competition format worldwide.