(May 09, 2020) Peri cues hereby officially announce that Ernst Aschauer from Austria (and its website www.pericues.com /shop: Billardtempel/ IOS APP: Billardtempel) is not an official authorized distributor of the Peri cues brand, this person has no longer authorization with Peri cues.

He has repeatedly posted low-selling product information on social media websites such as Facebook, spreading negative comments about Peri cues everywhere, this significantly impacts the Peri cues brand. Peri cues have made a complaint against this person for selling fake goods, underselling, and defaming the peri cue brand. Our company reserves the right to hold him/her legally liable. And remind all peri cue dealers and fans not to buy and avoid being cheated in this way.

Peri cues official international website: http://www.pericue.com/

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