With commissions from real estate agents often as high as 6 percent of the selling price of a home, it is tempting to hang a For Sale by Owner sign and save the commission. After all, if you sell your house for $280,900, the latest median single-family home selling price, FSBO will put a further $16,800 in your wallet.

It’s hard work to sell your own home though. It takes time, resources, awareness of the market, and some upfront money. That may be why just 9 percent of sellers today are trying to do the job without an agent, down from 12 percent in 2006. If you’re trying to join the minority, use those tips for further progress.

Be confident that you are up for the job.

You have to have plenty of time to show off your home, have no trouble negotiating and enjoy the challenge of marketing your own home.

Price perfect.

An assessment service online can help. For example, a free tool on for sale by owner can calculate a price range based on information from the public records. Include your address to find your estimated home value and see what similar neighbouring homes have recently sold for. Check newspaper advertisements and real estate forums for a market read, and spend some weekends opening houses near you, monitoring their final sale prices.

Declutter, and rinse.

Store family memories, repair the loose door knob, vacuum every surface and spray on the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint. You may schedule a 2-hour consultation with a qualified stager for around $300, to show your home in its best light. Check for a stager on the website of the International Association of Specialists in Home Staging.

Using online advertisement resources.

A mini industry has sprung up for a fraction of commission charges to help Owner sellers sell For Sale. Advertisements in magazines and blogs and the delivery of registration and contract forms and other sales papers, weatherproof boxes and flyers, workshops and instructional booklets and materials are among the resources.

Display images and a video tour in your listings and ensure that driving directions, heating and cooling sources and your school district are included as well.