Having a heating system like an electric pool heater for your home’s pool is a great idea to enjoy year-round use, regardless of the season and climate. But it is important to invest in an economical, sustainable pool heater system with significant heat power.

If you want to install a heating system in your pool but still don’t know what you need to consider before purchasing it, follow our post.

The types of heating for swimming pool:

The first step for those who want to heat the water is to know the most common types of heating systems for the pool. There are five: electric, heat exchanger, solar, gas, wood, and thermal layers.

Electric heater:

The electric pool heater has good heating of the pool water and although it has a reasonable purchase price, the monthly electricity consumption is usually higher. This is because if the ambient temperature is below 15ยบ C, the electrical equipment loses performance, which increases energy expenditure.

Heat exchanger:

The heat exchanger is used in most pools, and as the name says, it heats in an alternating and electric way. Although the acquisition and monthly costs are higher, the heat exchanger meets the sustainability requirement.


The solar heater is the most ecological, as it uses the sun’s radiation to raise the temperature of the pool water by up to 10 degrees. The system needs an area of installed solar panels, equivalent to the size of the pool, and depends on the solar radiation that will act on the collectors. Its monthly cost is low and its heating power is considered average. Hayward Millivolt pool heater is one of the best options.


The heater using the gas system allows any water temperature to be reached, whenever it is necessary to heat it. However, the gas consumption to reach the elevation of the water temperature is high and the system is not environmentally friendly.

The firewood:

The wood-burning system is usually the most labor-intensive. The acquisition cost is average, but the monthly is quite high. It is also worth remembering that it is not a sustainable system since it has to extract firewood from nature to feed the heating of the pool.

Thermal covers:

The thermal covers are not a system, but an accessory used to retain the heat from the heated water. That’s because a heated pool tends to lose heat to the surface. Thus, the thermal layer is a barrier so that the loss of temperature of the pool water is as small as possible.

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