Indian Institute of Finance hosted the 21st IIF Webinar series on “Essence of Life and Growth” by Dr. Blossom Kochhar, Founder, Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic, INDIA and Chairperson, Aroma Magic & Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, INDIA. She is also a Kathak Dancer, Golfer, Entrepreneur for 35 years, Beauty Therapist, Philanthropist, Yoga and Reiki expert. She has motivated and inspired thousands of women to lead their lives in to success as a true Guru. The Webinar was moderated by Prof. Aman Agarwal, Professor of Finance & Dean (IR) Indian Institute of Finance ( and Executive Editor, Finance India ( The Webinar was attended by over 85 global participants from USA, UK, Japan, UAE, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, France, India and others

Dr. Kochhar said happiness, positivity, passion to live, loving everything and gratitude are key essentials of life to live and grow. One needs to adapt to the change and invest in oneself to grow in life and celebrate each and every small moment of life as a building block for happyness. We have to perfectly combine our inner beauty with the outer beauty. She for over 40 years has been helping millions to cherish their inner beauty through her efforts of pampering outer beauty and souls using Ayurveda and fusion of Indian-Western theraphy teachnies.

According to her, meditation plays a vital role for the body, rather be it in any form, it makes one more focused which help one in decision making. Money and power is not needed for happyness or to be healthy, it’s all about peace of mind and the way of living we nurture said Dr. Kochhar.

The teacher in Dr. Kochhar sopke from the heart that Youth should be educated, skilled and keep learning every day and try to find out what really they want to do with their future to be focused and have a happy healthy life balancing work and pleasure feels Dr. Kochhar. She qouted large number of real life examples from her personal life and those she has influenced and cultivated to lead a blissful life.

Dr. Kochhar said that because of the current situation, in future business are going to take some time but they would bounce back strongly within 6 months to an year. We have to build trust in your consumers and staff as a family. For the un-organized sector, governments have to come up with a factor to help them in addition to the education, healthcare and proper nurishment to take countries forward for sustainable growth and development.

Large number of Questions from amongst over 85 participants were asked by Mr. Asoke K. Laha (President & CEO, Interra IT, USA); Prof. Dr. Junzo Watada (Waseda University, JAPAN & Petronas University, MALAYSIA); Mr. Rajeev Saxena (Advocate, Delhi High Court, INDI); Dr. Poonam Sethi (Hindu College, University of Delhi, INDIA); Dr. Kavi Tha ; Dr. Yamini Agarwal (IIF Business School (AKTU), INDIA) and many others.

Indian Institute of Finance has initiated the interactive IIF Webinar Series on “Essence of Life and Growth” with the prime objective to bring forth positivity of life based on the life experiences one has gained over 3-4 decades of personal life experiences, professional life, the nation, the economy and the world at large, having seen different colours of life based on ups and downs one has witnessed.