Dallas, (May 07, 2020): Childsheroes, a startup launched by Exousia & Archer Inc that deals with an e-commerce platform, a video sharing hub and creation of E-sport video games.  The unique platform acts as the perfect hub for buyers to browse through and purchase clothes based upon the age and category for the little ones. Bringing the convenience of selecting by the categories and age, the platform lets buyers avail convenient and hassle free shopping.

Offering the ultimate source of entertainment, CHildsheroes also lets the users participate in E-sports, a popular sport competition with the help of video games. These multi player video games act as the perfect source of recreation for parents and children. Apart from offering the ideal space for individuals to buy, it also enables individuals to sell items for children.

Facilitating videos on the website, the platform Childsheroes enables users to viw an unlimited streaming of videos on the website. Registered users can send videos which can be streamed online. Easily accessed by any category, the videos also offer a space for registered users to post comments and offer ratings online. Manifesting a platform for creating E-sports video games, Childsheroes is expected to hit its popularity in the shortest time.

About Exousia & Archer Inc: 

Exousia & Acher Inc is an American company based in Dallas, Texas and registered in Delaware. The company will be responsible for overseeing the development of the brand around the world.

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