OSRS has been around a very long OSRS gold time as far as applications and games goes – and although the client is dated and bad, it is an integral part of the experience of what OSRS for men and women. For many customers, if they upgraded to a customer it would get rid of individuality and the feel of what is OSRS. Don’t piss off your customers. OSRS has almost no curb appeal for anybody who has not played RS and I’d be lost, if they took away what made it feel like the OG. When there was a client update I’d be fucking would not feel as inclined to find out that the system that was janky all over again and lost.

Also, a third party client buy-out would bring about an increase but also for also and security of its users the business pride. Generally, purchasing a company because they left something better for your game than you did yourself isn’t likely to impress any investor about your internal development team and leadership team. If they require a customer didn’t leadership also have you made earlier internally and identify this?

Nicely put. The OG client is a thing. Not to RuneScape players who play 12 hours a day for the past five years but logging for the very first time in 15 decades. Exactly, and people time in 15year RuneScape players are the ones Jagex should hook for RuneScape to develop. It is a decision to 19, if they choose to switch to something like RL later then. OSRS has to feel familiar to bring back anyone. Completely disagree. You are implying they need to boost their CAC to concentrate purely on bringing in fresh RuneScape players when people may not be the biggest gain to their profit. I will not make a claim because I have not seen their financial numbers and numbers but I would really like to see if the”sweaty” players burning bonds or membership for numerous accounts (main, ironman, HCIM, Leagues, etc.) don’t really out weigh their revenue derived from new RuneScape players.

You sound like somebody who’d only be interested in lining up investors pockets and also the upcoming years profits instead of growing RuneScape for everyone. I’m reacting to a discussion being had about OSRS and Jagex as a business. If you think the people who turn off OSRS and may flip the switch do not care about profit then you are being naive. OSRS is a mature product (think dish soap, deodorant, coffee grinder, etc.) that has minimal significant changes to it but continues to earn money.

Offer a”heritage” client and a”upgraded” customer, maybe? Simply spit balling here, I concur with most of the points, however if Jagex desired to make RL an official client they could still provide the old client (or at least a skin of it). That would help ensure the nostalgia or anything else it is that you enjoy about the vanilla client is available while also giving new RuneScape players access to your client with additional usefulness, without needing to be concerned about the dubious nature of 3rd party customers in RuneScape. I agree that having choices is best cheap RuneScape Mobile gold. It comes to keeping two clients is money spent for minimal cash returned and the money, and likely is not worth the expense/headache. There’s a reason firms with larger games than Jagex simply provide one customer, and if they offer you a heritage customer, it is only supported for a limited timeframe.