GrayCell Technologies, a leading and award-winning Digital Agency with over 15 years of experience, announced the launch of the redesigned website of Sarin & Co., one of the leading Law Firms in India. This continues the decades old tradition of joint collaboration between the two organizations. Sarin & Co were able to launch their website with the help of GCT team’s timely efforts and services that ensured that we stayed on track, even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, and ensured the customer’s success.

Our team kept their customer’s business and their operational requirements at the forefront. Keeping these factors in mind, the team worked tirelessly and twice as hard, even as the country was starting to face the start of the nationwide lockdown. The staff continued working from home and offered services without any interruption, keeping the clients’ needs as a priority in these crucial and testing times.

The team also thanks the Sarin & Co. for the trust placed in us over the years. It gives the whole team an impetus to work even harder. Sarin & Co. is well regarded as one of the oldest and leading law firms in the country specialising in Indian and International Law. Sarin & Co started its operations in 1932 and is currently headquartered in Chandigarh, with the aviation branch being based in New Delhi.

The project is very special to both the organizations as it had been initiated before the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and the details were still being flashed out, when the lockdown began. Seeing the extensive lockdown, both teams doubled on their efforts, even when all were working separately from home. The collaboration is part of a rich history of mutual cooperation for both companies.

The team at Sarin & Co. expressed their gratitude to the GrayCell team for their relentless and untiring work in sticking to the schedule and ensuring that the website is ready well in time for the launch of the Sarin McGill Annual Student Essay Contest on Aircraft Finance & Leasing.

“Thank you very much for the tireless work that has gone into making our website. I cannot help but think that the website looks absolutely stunning and just as I had imagined it.”

– Nitin Sarin
Managing Partner, Sarin & Co.