Unfortunately, natural calamities can often have a worse impact on the equipment investments for businesses. As many scammers and shady sellers can put the flooded forklifts for rent or sale on the market to get rid of them and make a profit. This suspicious behaviour has been happening for a while now, with hundreds of compromised forklift hire and material handling equipment out in businesses.

While Northern Forklift cannot stop these people from selling flooded forklifts, but we can warn for forklift hire and guide you on what to look while you think of renting the forklift.

Finding the right forklift company

Not only should you be attentive about the equipment you’re hiring, but you should also take your time to finalise whom you’re hiring or buying from. At the beginning of your forklift hire or purchase, choose the right forklift company who can be honest and transparent with you through the entire process.

Ask questions to clear your doubts

If you find yourself interested in buying a used forklift at a low price, you should ask the seller these two questions: where did the forklift come from and what is the history of it. These questions will help you know whether the forklift you are renting or buying was flooded and will save your money spent on repair or maintenance.

Northern Forklift transparent process

The sales representatives at Northern Forklift take the process and your business seriously. Before any of the used forklift, new forklift, forklift for sale or forklift hire, each unit is put after the thorough inspection by our technicians and specialists. Our team makes sure that all units are tip-top shape and in condition to sell or rent.

If you have questions about how to avoid buying forklifts, are in the market for a used forklift or forklift hire, we also help forklift operator with effective training classes as well as handle the repair or maintenance services for forklifts contact us at Northern Forklifts today!