New England Trade, Inc. offer free membership and lines of credit and better, barter solutions for cash strapped businesses.

Malden, MA, May 05, 2020 — COVID-19 has created a cash crisis for many small business owners. Less cash is coming in. The domino effect amplifies. Less cash is going out. But what if cash was NOT the only currency?

Responding to that cash crunch, New England Trade, Inc. (NET), based in Malden, MA and the leading barter exchange in the New England region, announced that they are offering free memberships – traditionally a $295 membership fee – and no fees for six months to any business. Qualified new members will also be granted a minimum $1,000 line of credit.

“We know businesses are hurting. Now is the time to embrace innovative methods to keep the momentum going,” noted Gary Oshry, President of New England Trade, Inc. He explained, “Our barter network of over 1,000 participating businesses allows members to accrue a balance by providing a service and then applying that balance towards the purchase of any of the hundreds of good and services within the network.”

New England Trade members include professional services (accounting, legal, business coaching), health care professionals (dental, counseling, chiropractic, physical therapy, optometry, acupuncture), marketing services (website development, graphic design, video, printing), wellness (health clubs, massage therapy) food service (restaurants and catering), accommodations (hotels, condos), recreation (rentals for autos, bikes, kayaks, paddleboards) and much more.

New England Trade has won numerous awards from the National Association of Trade Exchanges (NATE), International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) and Barter Association National Currency (BANC. The organization has received that recognition for its members state-of-the-art software, sophisticated website and mobile app, and Swipe Technology to make trading faster and easier than ever, and the assistance of full-time brokers available to promote each business and fulfill needs while saving cash.

Since 1980, New England Trade’s mission has been to increase their client’s sales and conserve their cash flow, facilitate trade among clients in an efficient, easy-to-use, cost-effective way, and improve their business outlook while enhancing members lifestyles.

About New England Trade, Inc:
A barter exchange is a third-party record keeper, providing members with monthly statements of their barter transactions. New England Trade, Inc. members are simply agreeing to accept an alternate form of currency as payment, providing you with an additional distribution network to grow your business. Members are able to purchase any product or service within the New England Trade, Inc. network through their trade account — products or services do not have to be directly exchanged. For more information, visit or call (781) 388-9200.

Media Contact:
Gary Oshry
(781) 388-9200