Top software developer – Sankalp Computers and Systems – has announced that its leading MLM software product – Ventaforce – is now more compatible with mobile technologies and has increased its rapport with all types of users. In 2020, Ventaforce is slated to increase its compatibility with mobile platforms and related technologies. This move is expected to boost the usability of Ventaforce across a vast number of smartphone users.

Over the past decade, Ventaforce has been the market leader as an MLM software. Network marketing companies and professionals from around the world have been using this web-based software on their desktops for improving their business operations and making efficient progress in business growth.

This year, Ventaforce has bolstered its mobile application and upgraded it with a set of APIs designed to run on all types of mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, etc. The app version of Ventaforce MLM software will target smartphone or tablet computer users around the globe. The increased mobile compatibility of this MLM software will provide users access to its network marketing services similar to the way they were used on desktop PCs.
Why an MLM Software Needs Mobile Compatibility?

Currently, almost every MLM software available in the market is primarily used in a desktop version or as a web-based application. Ventaforce, too, has been predominantly used as a standalone PC software or as a web portal. However, MLM software development companies as well as network marketing businesses noticed a significant rise in the usage of smartphones over the past decade. Direct selling professionals were looking for an on-the-go solution to manage and run the MLM software.

In the form of a web-based application, MLM software could be used on smartphones via the browser apps. However, there were several technological limitations, particularly with respect to UI and UX, that caused problems for users. As the demand for MLM software mobile apps has started to increase, network marketing hardware and software are now being developed in a way that they would function properly on the diversified mobile hardware, operating systems, and user base.

The transition of an MLM software to a mobile app has become necessary. While the process is not simple, there dozens of MLM software being converted into their mobile app versions to increase their presence among the multitude of mobile device types and models in the world.

The objective is to ensure that MLM software mobile application functions as expected on the customer devices. Thorough usability testing is being conducted and the software development companies are focusing on the look, feel and ease of use of the MLM mobile apps. Ventaforce has also undergone extensive mobile compatibility testing, where the focus was determining if the app software is working properly with different mobile OS kernels and hardware components.

With the help of mobile compatibility testing, Ventaforce has been validated as an application that behaves as expected across a varying combination of mobile platforms and devices being used by users and customers. Sankalp played a key role as a leading mobile app developer by spending a lot of time and effort in the planning and development of Ventaforce mobile application. It has ensured that all customers of a network marketing company, along with the users who work as direct selling professionals, experience an effective and improved user experience.

Test cycles were conducted in Sankalp’s Integrated Mobile Testing Program, where several types of mobile compatibility-related issues were uncovered and mitigated. Here’s a quick overview on how the user experience of Ventaforce mobile application has been made more compatible:

● Content – A concise and interactive application content with full website support
● Navigation – Quicker and smoother mobile navigation maps
● Size – Support to smaller screens with adaptive changes in font size and and object weights
● Features – Appropriate changes in component behavior to share resources, save data, and increase usability across different mobile devices and operating systems

The increased mobile compatibility of an MLM software has also fixed its installation and upgrade issues, and lowered its dependency on the OS kernels. The Ventaforce mobile application has also been redesigned with a responsive web UI.
Ventaforce is Now “Mobile Compatible”

Being “mobile compatible” means that Ventaforce, as an MLM business solution, can be now viewed and used in a better way on a mobile device. It is basically being endorsed as a mobile application, which is somewhat different than being simply “mobile optimized.” Mobile compatibility of Ventaforce technically means that app designers have built in-design features that make the app much more user-friendly for all types of mobile users.

Out of the vast majority of MLM software, Ventaforce is among the leading network marketing solutions to have become more mobile compatible. There are several competing MLM software that are more mobile optimized than mobile compatible. Ventaforce was made predominantly for desktop screens or computing devices with larger screen sizes. But, its mobile compatibility has allowed it to be controlled from touch-screen interfaces and smaller viewing screens.

The mobile compatibility and mobile optimization of Ventaforce has been primarily promoted by a set of responsive design features. These responsive UI designs involve creating application dashboards in a way that maximise the support for mobile use. The main aspects of these responsive UI design changes are allowing an improved viewing experience on smaller screens and assorting controls for easy navigation and quicker access.

Sankalp foresees that in the future of MLM software marketplace, mobile compatibility and mobile optimization will stay a significant game-changer. By 2025, a sizable proportion of users will access software and websites through their smartphones and tablets. Experts at Ventaforce predict that mobile devices will continue to take over the network marketing operations and MLM companies will strive to build better mobile-oriented features and improve mobile user experiences.

Download the Ventaforce mobile app (for Android platform) and experience the upgraded compatibility and improved UX!

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