Since 1993, Kidbuddie has been providing a range of kids swing sets and attachments for private homes, schools, public parks and so much more. All of our products are made from the best quality timber in the country – treated to stringent SABS specifications – and our swing designs are further reinforced with rubber at all contact points to protect the integrity of all components.

Here are some of our evolved kid swing sets – designed, engineered and manufactured in-house.


A great addition to any outdoor playground and easily added to an existing jungle gym. Choose your own style of swing, with the option of single, double or triple sets; these you can change and upgrade at any time to match the age and ability of your child as they grow.


These simple-style wooden swings are based on the universally favoured design used for centuries. Made from treated pine timber, recycled rubber, polypropylene rope, the wood swing is made to last for years-to-come, and is by far our most popular kid swing set.


Loved for their sustainability and durability, tyre swings are ideal for schools and parks where children of various ages will visit. Made from polypropylene rope and recycled rubber, these swing sets are made to sustain the most extreme weather conditions and come in a variety of styles.


Our knotted swings come in different a wide variety of options to suit any ability or age and can be adjusted to fit any space or height. These versatile swing attachments can also be double-purpose or used for something novel like a river swing, in an obstacle course, or for platform access.


Designed for the comfort and safety of babies and toddlers, our baby swing attachments come with a crossbar and leg post for safety and are made from smooth, treated wood for ultimate comfort.


For a unique outside swing attachment, our single or double trapeze or swing stick is a great add on to any play area and is a great addition to the hang climber range.


To add a star feature to your playground, consider our unique swingboat to add to any traditional jungle gym or on its own freestanding frame. Made with treated timber, recycled rubber and galvanised steel chain – this durable swing is even safe for toddlers and comes with a 1-year warranty.

With so many great swing options for kids, the options seem endless. So, choose Kidbuddie as your playground partner to create your very own active oasis.