What started as a minor outbreak in a small town in Wuhan, China, has wrapped the whole world in its death grip today. The WHO had classified Coronavirus as a pandemic after its quick widespread. With an increasing mortality rate, the Indian Government took timely action in locking down the country. The Government placed stringent laws to control the movement of the general population with penalties imposed on non-adherence.

Though the lockdown is necessary to control the spread of the contagious virus, it has also created many inconveniences and difficulties for the people. It is especially true for families with a patient living with them. According to WHO, the sick and the people with underlying health issues have a higher percentage of contracting the virus. The danger of exposure and limited healthcare services has caused quite some worry to the average Indian family. IHHC, being a pioneer in the home health care sector, has responded to the Coronavirus pandemic by coming to the aid of families with a patient.

India Home Health Care has several nurses and nurse associates who are qualified to take care of the ailing and terminally ill patients. The nurses are comprehensively trained to handle patients with various illnesses and provide proper care with compassion. Since the onset of the Coronavirus, families prefer nurses who stay with them 24/7. IHHC offers 24/7 nursing support. The devoted and passionate nurses of IHHC will stay 24/7 with the patient attending to their needs with expertise. The service comes as a huge relief to families with a patient as it minimizes the risk of exposure. From orthopaedic care to post-surgery care, nurses at IHHC are capable of taking care of your loved ones with empathy and skill. The nursing care includes a range of services which targets in helping the ailing and bed-ridden patients to cope with their daily activities. Please visit www.indiahomehealthcare.com to learn more about a wide range of 24/7 services.