The disability from pregnancy is a natural phenomenon and a Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles plays fine support to women suffering workplace discrimination for pregnancy disability. The California Pregnancy Disability Leave Law protects women against such discrimination & can be exercised by an employment attorney experienced in both federal & state laws.

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) also entitles eligible employees to leave on childbirth & care for one year. Therefore, you must inform a Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles in case you’re experiencing the following behavior in the workplace.

Pay Cut

That’s most often the way the employers discriminate employees as a particular amount of salary gets stuck or unpaid. However, it is simply not acceptable as you need to do essential expenses on your health & medication. Not to worry though, as a Discrimination Lawyer Los Angeles won’t let you sink into injustice.


The other way employers retaliate you is by handing over your position to someone else so that whenever you come back you become a junior to your predecessors. The law doesn’t allow this kind of discrimination either as the employee has worked hard over the years to achieve a promotion in the work.


As long as the employer is bound in a contract, he can’t terminate you following such reasons, or else you can simply approach an employment attorney to watch for the case.

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