The Smart City Operations Centre of Visakhapatnam operates 24×7 in three shifts to manage COVID 19. Following tasks are performed in this centre:

Announcement of cautionary measures and information related to COVID 19 through Public Announcements Systems installed across 90 locations in the city.
COVID-19 information disseminated through digital signboards (variable message display) installed at 10 key locations across the city.
Surveillance system (500 cameras installed across the city) monitors important areas and key junctions.
Covid Helpdesk/Contact center at COC traces and monitors foreign returned citizens in coordination with CMOH < DMOH on day to day basis. The helpdesk/contact center is functional 24×7 to coordinate with line departments like public health, city and district level officers from time to time.
A toll free number set-up at COC to answer emergency calls and follows up with line departments accordingly.
A mobile application developed to trace and map all foreign returnees. Based on the information received through the mobile application, cluster mapping and high risk colour coding map was digitized wherein category wise clusters were formed i.e 0-14, 15- 28 < above 28 days were identified using GIS in COC. Random samples were also collected based on the above analysis by District administration.
A mobile application is developed for survey of containment cluster by field level ANM/ASHA/VOLUNTEER in identified positive areas.
The 20 Rapid Response Teams (RRT) formed in Visakhapatnam and these teams are being tracked through the Mobile tabs fixed in respective team Ambulances.
An RRT application was developed wherein all the doctors of the respective teams are uploading the details of the suspects/Citizens attended from the field directly. The same is monitored real time by COC and Concerned Committees.
4 Mobile teams formed for sample collection for symptomatic citizens. The teams are being monitored through COC through mobile Tab based tracking. Further the concerned doctors submit details of the citizens through mobile application on real time basis.
Door to Door survey by Volunteers is monitored and reports placed before concerned committee in-charges regularly.
A mobile application being developed to monitor the activities like bleaching and other sanitation activities in containment areas by the public health wing.
Essential and Grocery vendor details circulated through Social media. Dedicated help desk numbers 0891- 2869106, 2869110 circulated to attend any grievance related to essential < grocery issues.
Cautionary messages/information published through social media platforms like Twitter/Facebook