We all are aware that Coronavirus has and is causing a lot of crisis on a global level. Our entire Nation is under lockdown 2.0, the prices of essential goods are rocketing.In dire needy times, any and every bit of help counts. Help us fight the COVID-19 outbreak in India by helping extremely helpless people – The homeless and the daily wagers.

Know about us and our campaign: https://www.chipinfaith.org/

As the summer heat soars amidst the coronavirus crisis – our people who are daily wagers are hungry and have no money to feed their family. This drive by Chip In Faith Foundation is to raise funds for needy who earn money on daily basis, but due to lockdown there is no job and eventually these wagers (maids, roadside sellers, construction workers, etc) have no money to buy dire essentials for them and their family. Let us join hands and reach all those who are unreachable.

Click on this link to do your bit: https://www.chipinfaith.org/campaign-details/donate-to-support-the-daily-wagers?payment=1

We have numerous GOOD SAMARITANS around who wish to help but do not have a right path to do so. Then there are those who need money for very basic needs, but do not know where to receive. We know that we have so many people who care and they have so much to share. Let us pledge an amount which will be significant for several needy families, and they will be able to buy essential food items such as rice, dal, atta, etc. very bare minimum necessities to feed their family.


How will your donations be used ?

Once you select an amount to donate, all earnings will be used in providing the financial and in kind support to the daily wagers. Be assured, that this is a 100% not for profit campaign.

Let’s show Corona its FATE and let’s come together and DONATE.