The gift of flowers that nature has blessed us with can be utilised at every pivotal moment of life, especially our romantic endeavours. So when we reach the milestone of tying the knot, it comes as no surprise that these beautiful blossoms are our best friends that we rely the most on to perfume some of our most precious moments. Cherish your big day basking in the joy of graceful nature as we tell you of five chief ways to incorporate flowers into your garden wedding in Mysore.
Floral Pomanders
Decorative balls of flowers, strung together or hanging up individually, are quite stunning to look at. You can choose clusters of the same kind of flowers and then juxtapose pomanders in different colors to create a contrast or bunch up different varieties in one for added texture. These are a fitting choice to enhance your pathway décor with and can also be included in the wedding tent adornment.
Table Runners
Cliché as it may sound, there is nothing quite like skilfully crafted floral table runners by the best flower decorators in Mysore spanning the furniture for your guests to wine and dine in style. You can also take this opportunity to match with the theme of the décor with appropriately chosen flowers and add crystal embellishments, candelabras, etc. in between for an ambient setting to have yourself a picture-perfect wedding luncheon (or dinner). For a more flamboyant effect, you can mirror a similar arrangement overhead with a sprawling floral vine extending across the length of the table. Choose flowers that shine bright against the linen and put in some showy leaves and ferns for flair.
Flower Rangoli
Switch it up with your regular rangoli and go for floral patterns spread out on the ground. Vibrant marigold, jasmine, carnation are just some blooms that will look radiant against the green grass. You can level up this arrangement with earthen pots or other vessels decked up in lush florals.
Floating Flora
For a slight variation from the above, floating flower petals are just as gorgeous for your mandatory Mysore flower decoration. If there are pools, ponds or fountains in your venue, by all means, go ahead and splurge on fresh blossoms or artificial floats, combining them with lanterns or candles if you wish. On a subtler scale, you can fit in your floating florals in flat pots or fish bowls or slender vases to set them up as table centerpieces or in the corners.
Pendant Florals
A blanket of flowers hanging overhead is never anything short of mesmerizing to look at. Be it the entrance or the mandap decoration, walking into a floral canopy feels like stepping into a fairy tale. It doesn’t necessarily have to be over-the-top, you can also just have floral garlands strung across from one end to the other or add a floral chandelier in place of the artificial ones.

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