April, 2020, London, UK: With every business around the country experiencing restrictions on how they can operate, NFC products could be the business-saving opportunity they need right now!

COVID-19 and social distancing has provided UK based businesses to face new challenges in serving their community. For the team of NFC Tagify, the goal is to turn this trying time into a productive season for the local businesses.

NFC Tagify, the store for NFC tags, NFC stickers, NFC business cards, chips and key fobs, is open for business and offers their range of products online. Their wireless solution can help businesses and individuals in giving or taking product information, tracking employees, for WI-FI, tracking health status, lock or unlock doors, zero touch home devices enabling, and an incredible number of experiences.

Alex from NFC Tagify says, “When the world is looking for a contactless way of doing things, our products are the solution people are looking for. NFC Tags equip microchips and antennas that can store a small amount of information for transfer to other NFC devices, such as mobile phones. Use it as a digital business card, for Bluetooth devices, as your hotspot device, for business promotion, etc. Tap: it’s all they need.”

NFC tags range in size from 5-6mm stickers to the size of visiting cards. NFC Tagify provides the slimmest NFC solutions available and offers single and bulk delivery of products. You can even write on their tags which are compatible with Apple iPhone 7 and above, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Nexus, LG, all NFC Enabled Phones, Windows, Android and Tablets. The tags can also be purchased in bulk or single order from Amazon and EBay.

NFC tags can revolutionize the way people are functioning in this pandemic, by providing them the access to those things they couldn’t without touching. To know more about their offered range of products, visit the official website of NFC Tagify. You can also call them at +44 1600 800 080 or email at info@nfctagify.com.