is your iPhone out of warranty or out of warranty or Apple Care? Do you need urgent repairs that you feel will be costlier at the official channel? You have a fantastic alternative with TotalCARe, Abu Dhabi which is cheaper and faster than official Apple Care in restoring costly iPhone. The company has been in operation for years and has earned a name as genuine iPhone and i-devices repair shop which has no parallel in UAE. The iPhone repair shop is as authentic as Apple Care because it provides the same service only cheaper and faster.
If you have a iPhone of any model and year and need screen replacement you can get it done at Total CARe without fanfare and at highly reduced rates. The repair shop is manned by technicians who are experienced in repairing defunct iPhone sets and are comfortable in handling screen replacements, liquid damage, and waterdamage; touch pad malfunction, audio jack issues, battery issues and others. Your phone will be diagnosed in record time and repairs will be immediate and instant. The iPhone repair Abu Dhabi will be lot cheaper but never compromise with quality as they will use only OEM spares to replace components. The company can repair any model or make or configuration and they can repair a number of iPhone models including iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus and more.
The repairs or replacements of components will be genuine and warranty covered. Screen replacements get lifetime warranty and they are done with accuracy and alacrity by trained Apple technicians. Another salient feature of Total CARe services is the fast turnaround time. the technicians here will repair your set in under an hour or less and you can pick up the phone after waiting at their office reception. They also provide you with pick up service and send a technician to collect the phone your residence and also return back if you wish so. Visit the company website know more details of the company’s repairs and activities. You can use the numbers +9712 632 0908 or +97150 600 0788 to make an appointment or ask to collect your mobile phone.
Total CARe is Abu Dhabi, UAE based mobile repair specialized in repairing iPhone of any model or year and they use only genuine OEM parts for replacements.
Contact Information
Total CARe
P.O.Box : 128964 , Hamdan Street – Behind crown plaza,
Next to LuLu International Travels Building ,
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +9712 632 0908 or +97150 600 0788.