Renting a Motor boat charter to sail in Greece is a not so easy choice, for those who do not know its seas when choosing both the appropriate boat, but especially the destination.

We can choose between 5 zones, which, although they all maintain that Greek flavor of blue and white, when navigating are very different:

Ionian Islands

Saronic Gulf

Cyclades Islands

Dodecanese islands

Sporades Islands

But if you are not clear, do not worry. We will advise you to choose the perfect area for you.

Nautical charts Greece:

Sailing on a Charter Boat in Greece is doing it in one of the paradises of nautical tourism worldwide. Not only for its beautiful landfalls but also for its history, culture, gastronomy and above all for its people.

Although its high season is in the summer months but can be extended to those of spring and autumn, and the most daring even to winter, since it has a pure island Mediterranean climate.

Already in the middle of the summer season, you have the option of sailing in places that are icons of world tourism such as Mikonos, Santorini, or getting lost in islands where tourism has not yet arrived.

We briefly describe the various navigation areas that there are 5 Greece to Rent a Boat.

Ionian Islands:

Without losing the Greek personality but are more integrated into the image of the rest of the Mediterranean, with pine forests to the edge of the sea, high mountains in the continental area, and rugged and whimsical islands.

If you are looking for relaxation and a little escape from summer tourism, it can be a good destination to sail, in addition to its good sea breeze conditions.

Saronic Gulf:

Perhaps the least famous area of the Greek coast. It develops south of the city of Athens just 25 miles away. This gives us the advantage that we set sail from there, with the comfort of not having to make a stopover to reach our destination and with a very wide range of all types of boats.

But not because we are close to Athens, we are going to find cities. On the contrary, the pure Greek atmosphere is breathed and perhaps without the contamination of tourism. In one of his villas, the famous singer Leonard Cohen found his refuge where he wrote more than one song.

Do not miss to visit and rent yacht. Enjoy the beauty of Greece with your family or friends!