Pool ozone generators offer the most effective disinfection treatment for water, minimizing harmful chlorine odors. The production of trihalomethanes and other halogenated organic derivatives, preventing their accumulation in pool water.

In this way, pleasant and safe bathing conditions are obtained. Eliminates eye irritation from the presence of chloramines and offers a higher quality environment in the bathing area.

Once ozone is produced, it must be effectively dissolved in the water to be treated.

The diffusion of ozone in the water is carried out by means of a venturi injector, installed in a bypass of the recirculation circuit.

Through this bypass to the pool recirculation circuit, a percentage of the total recirculation flow is passed, and by means of a drive pump and the venturi injector, the water is ozonized.

This water passes into the contact chamber incorporated in the equipment, in which a first contact time is given, and where the degassing of the ozone gas that has not diffused in the water occurs, passing it to a catalytic destroyer of ozone, which breaks it down into oxygen.

The ozonated water reacts with the substances to be treated, both in this contact chamber and in the rest of the conduction of this sub-bypass.

By reincorporating this flow to the main recirculation, a small concentration of ozone remains, which reacts with the rest of the flow, causing the perfect treatment of all the water.

– Eliminates bacteria that can be commonly found, such as E. Coli, hundreds of times faster than chlorine.

– Inactivates certain types of pathogenic microorganisms, such as viruses, amoebae, and spores, found in swimming pools.

– Prevents the accumulation of odor-causing products, harmful or refractory derivatives of chlorination of human organic contamination.

Hayward salt generator improves chlorine breakpoint reactions and ammonia clearance. This means that there will be no “pool odor” as well as irritation of the eyes and nose.

Pentair chlorine generator eliminates the precursors of chloramines and trihalomethanes.

– Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels.

– Proven ability to safely reduce free chlorine levels.

– Significant improvement in water and air clarity.

– Improves algae control

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