India is a multicultural melting pot, wherea large number of people belong to starkly different communities. To serve such a society, it is essential to have the process planned and legalized. You can serve the people by forming NGOs in form of societies and trusts. To form a state level society at least 7 persons are required while at national level society it required 7 person from different states, in case of Trusts a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 21 persons are needed.

If you set up a NGOs in form ofsociety or trust, you should register it to make it legal. NGOs are registered mainly for the following purposes:

Promotion of Science
Promotion of Literature
Performing arts
Military orphan funds
Maintenance of libraries
Grant for charitable assistance
Maintenance of museums and galleries
Performing Charitable Activities
Any other cause approved by Government

If you want to register your society, you should also know about the benefits and importance of getting your society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860:

It gives legal status to your society
It is an essential prerequisite for opening bank accounts
You can lawfully vest properties of your society
Your society is recognised before all authorities and forums
Exemption from Income Tax

Now let’s see what are the details and documents required for society registration:

Details Required:-

Name of Society
Governing Body (Minimum 7 members)
Vice Chairman
Objectives of Society
Area of Operation
Email Id.
Contact No.
Registered Address

Documents Required:-

Pan Card of all members
Adhar Card of all members
Office Address Proof
Property Paper along with any one from below
Electricity Bill (if owned)
Rent Agreement with Electricity Bill (if taken on rent)
Memorandum of Association with the clauses of work and objectives of the society
Articles of association with the following information:
Rules and regulations of the society and membership requirements
Details of the meetings
Details about the auditors
Forms of arbitration
Processes of dissolution of the society
A covering letter signed by the founders of the society stating the purpose of formation of the society.
Declaration by the president of the society about his willingness.

There are some differences between society registration and trust registration. Society registration is done under the Society Registration Act, 1860 and a trust registration is done under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. A trust requires at least two trustees, whereas a society requires seven or more members.

The benefits of registering your trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882 are as follows:
You will be eligible to get grants from the government.
You will be eligible to get the 80G certificate benefit under the Income Tax Act.
Recognition/Affiliation from any University / Organization

Now let’s see what are the details and documents required for trust registration:

Details Required

Name of Trust
Objectives of Trust
Mobile no and Email id
Constitute of Board of Trustees (Designation of members)

Documents Required

Two photos of SETTLOR as well as Trustee
Address Proof- Aadhar Card of all Members
Office Address Proof
Electricity Bill (if owned)
Rent Agreement with Electricity Bill (if taken on rent)
Physical presence of Settlor/all (at the time registration) with original ID (i.e. Aadhar Card)
Two witness with original ID proof (i.e. Aadhar Card at the time registration)

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