Seminole marine is one of the prominent boatyards in Florida. This boatyard is the first started DIY boatyard in Florida. The boatyard is very much popular due to the location of the yard. It is located in the Intracoastal Waterway which is very nearby the open ocean. The boatyard gives complete freedom to the customers on choosing the contractor to work on their yacht. The yard price options are very simple and transparent. The boatyard offers services like haul launch, pressure washing, blocking and reblocking at an affordable price.
Friendly Boatyard services:
While planning for a repair work on the vessel, it needs to be hauled in a perfect position for undergoing maintenance work. For effective hauling process Seminole marine offers both 75 metric ton and a 100 metric ton travelift. This boatyard has the capacity to accommodate boats up to 100’ in length. Hauling is the main process which involves in the lifting of the vessel from the water area to land surface with the help of hauling machine. After storing the boat ashore all type of maintenance work can be done on the vessel. When the whole work is finished launching process has to be carried out. Launching is the process of moving back your ship to the water body with the help of hauling machine.
Blocking is another important one which is used to make your vessel to stand on the land area. Hull skin plays a major role during blocking. If the boat has very thin skull skin it won’t accept heavy loading. This loading will be made with the help of overextended pads or jack stands. In other words blocking is the process of spreading up the boat to stand in a vertical position with the help of some rigid support in the bottom. The boats which are made with heavy iron can be easily fixed to keel blocks but it leads to whole weight press down on the hull joint. Thus the blocking and reblocking has to be carried out carefully as it has direction relation to the boat hull.
About Seminole Marine:
Seminole marine is the finest DIY boatyard in Palm beach, Florida. The boatyard offers top class boatyard services at an affordable price. The boatyard price menu is very easy to understand and there is no hidden charge for any type of services. For more information about the boatyard kindly visit

2208 Idle wild Road
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
Phone: 561-622-7600